About Bank Audi Syria

In September 2005, Bank Audi Syria launched its operations in Damascus with a capital of USD 50 million, the largest start-up capital in the Syrian-banking sector. Today, the bank’s branches’ network includes 21 branches offering a wide range of commercial services and retail products.

The bank doubled its capital to USD 100 during August 2009, and following the extraordinary general assembly meeting on 3 May 2010 Bank Audi Syria increased its capital again to reach USD 107 million (equivalent to SYP 5,350 billion).

By end of December 2010 Bank Audi Syria consolidated assets reached SYP 93.8 billion (equivalent to USD 2 billion), while its customers’ deposits reached SYP 84.4 billion (equivalent to USD 1.8 billion), the shareholders equity reached SYP 6.9 billion (equivalent to USD 146.5 million) and the loan portfolio rose to SYP 39.8 billion (equivalent to USD 849.4 million), while its consolidated profits reached SYP 681.6 million (equivalent to USD 14.5 million) by the end of 2010.

Bank Audi Syria offers a wide range of commercial and retail that fall under the following categories: Banking Accounts, particularly current and savings accounts, term deposits, transfer accounts and discounted bills, in addition to the corporate financing, and commercial facilities including medium and long term project financing, and SMEs

The bank also offers a wide range of retail products and services such as Housing & Auto Loans, Electronic Banking Services, PC, LCD and Solar Panel Loans, , Bancassurance, and Domiciliation Services, adding up various payment cards, debit and credit, international and local from VISA and Master Card, and recently Bank Audi Syria had launched “Imtiaz account”, a deposit account in SYP & USD allowing clients to benefit from numerous of banking and non-banking services

Along with its main business role, as a private financial institution Bank Audi Syria s.a. emphasizes on its civic role, as one of the bank’s main values. Several projects to support this corporate value were launched jointly with the UNRWA addressing the refuges needs, in addition to various projects, such as full scholarship programs, and renovating public squares.

Bank Audi Syria s.a., was one of the first Syrian institutions that were registered in the United Nations Global Compact program in 2008 for Corporate Social Responsibility. In recognition of its accomplishments, Bank Audi Syria was granted the “Best Emerging Market Bank for Syria” award in 2008 and 2009 by Global Finance magazine.

Bank Audi Syria Headquarters

1- Plaza 86 Bldg., Cham City Centre, Street No. 2, Kafarsouseh, Damascus. P.O. Box 6228 Damascus, Syria. Tel: (963-11) 23888000. Fax: (963-11) 2248510.

2- Mohafaza Bldg., Youssef Al-Azmeh Square, Damascus. P.O. Box 6228 Damascus, Syria. Tel: (963-11) 23888000. Fax: (963-11) 2454197.

E-mail: contactus.syria@banqueaudi.com